Ali Naini

About Ali Naini

About Ali Naini

( Filmmaker , Painter , Sculptor , Interior Designer )

Born 1948 Tehran, Iran

Graduated from the School of Television and Cinema in directing

Making documentaries for television

– Before the revolution:

The Balochi Texture, A Narrative of Soil, Paveh: Green Stronghold, …

– After the revolution:

Four documentaries on the life and works of contemporary Iranian painters.

Illustration of six books for children in collaboration with Asadollah Imen in 1977.

Activities in painting, sculpture, embossed pattern, glass, pottery and …

The works done in the field of Interior Decoration:

Hotel Narenjestan & Bahar Narenj Town (Mahmoodabad, Mazandaran)

Hotel Amirkabir and Kouhestan Dining Room (Arak)

Hotel Melal (Tehran)

Sky Towers (Tabriz)

Community Center (Boroujerd)

Diplomat Building, Pyramid Building, Chenaran Building, Yas Building (Tehran)

Azadi Cinema Complex (Tehran)

Ivan-e Shams (Tehran)

Masoud Lab (Tehran)

Iranshahr Theatre (Tehran)

Miniature Boutique (Tehran)

Ajhineh Gallery (Tehran)


  • Naghshe Noghre Gallery
  • Group Exhibition at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Group Exhibition at Niavaran Cultural Center
  • Tehran Grand Exhibition
  • Dubai Abrash Gallery